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- Trading Cards Grading                   - Photograph Authentication  

- Autograph Encapsulation              - Autograph Authentication

- Certify Coins Authentication

how to submit

1. Create an account with Electric quickly and easily. Before you start a submission create

an account with us. From your account, you can view recent orders and update shipping.

2. Now that you have an account, choose one of the three options from our tier list;

Economy, Standard and Electric.

3. Complete the Electric easy-to-use online submission form to let us know what cards you will be submitting. Add the required information for each card along with the FREE option of picking your label.

4. The last step is to package and ship your cards. It’s important to pack your cards securely so that they reach us safely. Place each card in a penny sleeve, then each one in a semi rigid holder. Safely package your cards in between card board and bubble wrap. Place the protected cards and a copy of your invoice in a sturdy box. Once this is complete it's ready to ship!





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